Romsey the Movie


Posted on: 13 Jan 2020 by Louise

Romsey the Movie - A 'nearly true' story

With Romsey Abbey celebrating its 900th birthday this year, you could be forgiven for thinking that getting to grips with Romsey’s long history is too hard to handle. But one talented Romsey resident has now covered its entire history in an hilarious film lasting just 3.5 minutes.

Written in 2018 and filmed in the summer of 2019, this was the brainchild of composer and photographer Kate Jackson, who wrote a poem…which became a song…and then ended up as music video.  “It just took on a life of its own” says Kate. “It gathered momentum with lots of people opting to dress up and take part.” 

As well as writing, filming and directing the movie, Kate also created the animations and made many of the costumes – all for a budget of £600.

Participants included members of Romsey’s Old Cadets, the Michelmersh Silver Band, Mountbatten Community Choir, two sports clubs and RAODS as well as locals of all ages including musicians, two pub landladies, two barbers and a fistful of prancing mayors. “Everyone was great”, says Kate, “we even gave the movie a send-off at the Town Hall in the form of a premiere with red carpet.”

Romsey the Movie was soon featured on BBC South, and within a month it had garnered 20K hits on YouTube and made several locals into film stars. It has also been entered into 13 Film Festivals including Salisbury and Southampton.   We hope you enjoy it!